Paris Musées brings together all its content in a new site

Online since Monday January 29, the Paris Musées Explore platform brings together under a single interface all the digital content produced by the fourteen museums and sites of the City of Paris. Paris Musées aims to introduce the richness of its collections to the public in an easy and fun way, by offering a wide range of content and interactive experiences. This new platform accompanies the generic site of Paris Musées and the Collections Portal.

Paris Musées Explore can be viewed free of charge on all screens and is available in French and English. The site provides quick access to the City’s museum collections portal and offers numerous digital offers, including virtual tours, online courses, catalogs and educational files, games and quizzes.

The contents are divided, all museums combined, into four main themes: “watch”, “listen”, “read” and “play”. The platform offers, among other things, educational content with more than one hundred and thirty online courses – including around forty free – classified by museum, period, theme, format and duration. It also makes various podcasts available, including the new series “Masterpieces in Reserves”, which reveals the treasures hidden in museum reserves.

A new digitization campaign was organized to mark the launch of the platform, and more than seventy new gigapixel works were integrated into it. Three hundred works of art can now be explored “under the microscope”.

Navigation is intended to be fun and interactive in itself. On the home page, the “Travel in time” section invites the visitor to discover the contents by browsing the eras through a timeline going from Antiquity to the present day. The “Let yourself be guided” section invites them to indicate their available time and their desires and then suggest content that matches. The “Test yourself” question asks them about their knowledge with a quiz then directs them to the associated resources.

Paris Musées also simultaneously launched a call for expressions of interest (AMI) which aims to promote innovative digital projects. Players from the creative and cultural industries are invited to propose new systems that could be used by the City’s museums and sites.

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