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Natural History Artist & Watercolour Painting Tutor

I want to help people joining the amazing hobby of painting, learn how to start, acquire techniques, and getting in touch with the industry news.

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I highly recommend Paint & Painting! I discovered this media by chance and I immediately fell in love. It’s an incredible source of inspiration and education.
I am an amateur artist and I must say that Paint & Painting has greatly helped me in my journey. The articles are very detailed and instructive.
Whether it’s to find new artistic creation ideas, or to stay informed about the latest industry news, this media meets all my expectations.

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Colección MACBA. Preludio. Intención poética. Fotografía: Miquel Coll, 2024

Poetry in the MACBA collection

Barcelona, At the end of 2022, the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art launched, under the title “Prelude. Poetic intention”, a…