the July 2024 promotion in culture

The traditional promotion in the order of the Legion of Honor of July 14 has been brought forward to July 9. Is this a way to show that the Government continues to function despite its interim status? Or to prevent the possible new Government from challenging certain names? In any case, the Ministry of Culture has appointed and promoted 28 personalities from the world of culture, 12 more than last year at the same time.

Among these 28 distinctions, there are two gallery owners, Antoine Laurentin and Christine Phal, co-founder of the Drawing Now fair. Only one artist appears on this list, no doubt helped by the context of the Olympic Games, since it is Marjane Satrapi who created the cartoon for a huge tapestry that will be displayed on the façade of the Hôtel de la Marine in Paris during the Olympic Games. Another artist was distinguished, but in the Prime Minister’s contingent: it is Pierrette Lambert (96 years old), who created the motif for several stamps and banknotes.

Two senior cultural officials have also been appointed: Bénédicte Lefeuvre, current director of cultural affairs for the PACA region, and Laurence Tison-Vuillaume, head of the general inspection service for cultural affairs.

Only one curator was distinguished, and again from the contingent of the Grand Chancellery of the Legion of Honour, it was Anne-Catherine Robert-Hauglustaine, current general director of the Air and Space Museum.

Finally, Rachida Dati wanted to name Chevalier, the boss of Kiloutou, Franky Mulliez, who bought the castle of Dampierre in Yvelines and is currently restoring it. She had visited the site a few weeks ago.

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