Juliette Singer replaces Bruno Girveau in Lille

The Lille Palace of Fine Arts will soon change its face. Juliette Singer (50) will replace Bruno Girveau on April 1, who has headed the Lille Museum of Fine Arts since 2013. The future director is a specialist in both the 19th century and modern and contemporary art.

She began her career in a museum at the LaM in Villeneuve d’Ascq, not far from Lille, in charge of the Art Brut collections which form the core of the collection before taking care of contemporary art at the château museum. from Annecy. After passing the heritage curator competition in 2008, she took charge of the Marmottan museum and library in Boulogne Billancourt before joining Paris Musées, the establishment which brings together all the museums of the City of Paris to take care of collections.

Then she took off by becoming curator of the modern and contemporary art collections at the Louvre Abu Dhabi, first in Paris at the Agence France Muséum then in the Emirates. She returned to France in 2020 as chief curator of the Petit Palais in Paris.

She will therefore succeed next April from Bruno Girveau who announced last September that he would soon leave the management of the Palais des beaux-arts and the Hospice Comtesse which is attached to him. The position was opened last September and 15 applications were accepted. His time at LaM was undoubtedly decisive since the job description requires a “very good knowledge of the Lille area”.

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