Chloé Samaniego joins the French Institute

Since July 3, she has been director of artistic creation and cultural industries at the French Institute. This daughter of teachers, attached to public service, decided to follow the family path by taking a step aside. “I chose the state administration, within which I opted for culture,” says the woman who worked for the Ministry of Culture and that of Foreign Affairs. “I find this mission fascinating: the way in which the State supports creation, artists, institutions, without creating a culture that is the work of the prince, seems to me a construction worthy of a cathedral, in political and intellectual terms” , she confides. After a master’s degree in public administration at Sciences Po Paris, Chloé Samaniego notably worked as an international technical expert with the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan, which had just been created, then participated in the management of the National School of Culture. Arts de Paris-Cergy (ENSAPC), before joining the French Ministry of Culture. She contributed to the implementation of the International Cultural Expertise mission to promote French cultural expertise: “The influence of French culture also comes through know-how”, observes the one of whom is one of Ingres’ violins. is carpentry and furniture restoration.

nineteen eighty one

Born in Ivry-sur-Seine (94)


Responsible for supervising national public establishments, music delegation


International technical expert to the Minister of Culture of Taiwan


Secretary General of the National School of Arts of Paris-Cergy


Joins the Ministry of Culture


Appointed director of artistic creation and cultural industries of the French Institute

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