Rue de Valois anticipates the arrival of the RN: the Agnès Saal case

Excitement is taking over the corridors of Rue de Valois as the next legislative elections approach and the possible victory of the National Rally (RN) with decisions that leave one perplexed.

The former president of the National Audiovisual Institute (who had been sanctioned for her taxi notes) had held the position of senior civil servant at the equality, diversity and prevention of discrimination, to the Secretary General of the Ministry of Culture. In theory, the mandate of this position is 3 years, but in this case the mandate is one year so that Agnès Saal (66 years old) must every year before the end of her mandate which is August 31 , request its renewal.

This is what she did once again. But this year, general secretary Luc Allaire told him twice, the second time in the presence of a union delegate, that he did not want it to be renewed and even asked him to resign early. According to Agnès Saal, Luc Allaire, like her, considers “that it is too visible” and that in the event of a victory for the National Rally, it would be desirable for the holder of the position to be “less marked”.

Agnès Saal claims her “activism” for gender equality and respect for ethno-racial diversity and sexual orientations. She recently denounced during a master class organized by the 3IS Cinema and Audiovisual School, a “system of patriarchy (in culture) where power is held by a small group of people characterized by their origins, generally men, white, heterosexual, mostly in their fifties or sixties”.

She asserts JdA, that this decision was taken in agreement with Rachida Dati. The vacancy was published on June 20, and if recruitment is carried out vigorously, the holder of the position could be chosen before the second round of the legislative elections.

The explanation given by Agnès Saal does not fail to raise questions. Since a new minister will always be able to put whoever he wants in this very exposed position, why anticipate a possible minister from the RN and already appoint someone who could suit him? Why not rename Agnès Saal, even if it means she is dismissed by this hypothetical RN minister, and make her a symbol? Is it more simply a settling of scores that has nothing to do with the RN?

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