Stolen Francis Bacon painting found in Spain

New progress in the investigation into one of the most important thefts of contemporary art in Spain. The police have just found a painting by the British painter Francis Bacon (1909-1992) which was one of five works – worth a total of 25 million euros – which were stolen in Madrid in 2015 from the home of banker José Capelo Blanco , with whom Francis Bacon had a romantic relationship.

After finding three of the paintings in 2017, the National Police got their hands on theStudy for a portrait of José Capelo Blanco, dated 1989 and estimated at 5 million euros. Last February, photographs of this work and the last canvas, still missing, were sent to an art dealer with a view to selling them. The police then made two new arrests which made it possible to find the fourth painting in a Madrid apartment.

The Policía Nacional said it had arrested a total of sixteen people suspected of being involved in the theft, including those allegedly responsible for the theft. “Investigations continue to locate the remaining work and arrest those who possess it, focusing on Spanish nationals with links to organized groups in Eastern Europe” she added in a press release.

The 4 other works by Francis Bacon stolen in 2015 in Madrid from the apartment of José Capelo Blanco. The self-portrait at the top left has not yet been found.

© Photo Policia Nacional
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