14 artists in 17 sites

No less than 14 municipalities have united around the shared desire to enhance their heritage. This year, 17 sites are taken over by 14 artists. Most of the places are religious buildings still in use, which artists are invited to confront to propose works or installations specifically designed for them, taking into account their architecture, their space, their history or even their memory. The event promises to be rich and varied, with artists from very different generations and practices. The spotlight is given to young people developing multidisciplinary practices, such as Caroline Corbasson (born in 1989), Octave Courtin (born in 1991) or Floryan Varennes (born in 1988). The first, which takes over the Saint-Drédeno chapel (Saint-Gérand-Croixanvec), creates sculptures, drawings or videos inspired by tools and scientific data to explore the place of human beings in the universe, while the second, designer of autonomous sound objects, takes over the Saint-Fiacre chapel in Melrand. Finally, Floryan Varennes presents his hybrid sculptures and his syncretic installations, nourished as much by the medieval universe as by that of science fiction, in the chapel of Saint-Adrien (Saint-Barthélemy). The Domaine de Kerguéhennec (Bignan) joins the event with the availability of the chapel of the Trinity, invested this year by Yasmin Davis, Israeli video artist born in 1981. Do not miss to take the time to stroll in the landscaped park of the domain and to discover the 18th century castle, a real architectural gem, during your getaway on the roads of Morbihan.

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