There are numerous Famous Paintings in the whole world.

We can say that Painting is one of the oldest art forms.

 When our societies began crafting various  tools and making fire then also they started learning to represent the world in pictures.

These pictures were recorded in cave paintings that still exist today and also considered as Famous Paintings.

Paintings are not just pieces of artwork  that are eyecatching instead  a painting induces a feeling from within .Paintings are emotions poured out from the soul of an artist and it’s meant to touch the viewers at the exact same place where it came from.

There were many artists who left their legacy behind, they were obsessed about what they created their artworks that the world will continue to remember for generations to come.

Now I will show you  some of the most renowned paintings created by various artists who spent their lives, mastering the art of it.

1. Mona Lisa – (top famous painting in the world)

Mona Lisa
Image of Mona Lisa

It is most famous painting in the Western World. It is believed that  this portrait is of Lisa Gherardini, an Italian noblewoman.

  • Painter : Leonardo da Vinci
  • Estimated date: 1503 to 1519
  • Where to see it: Louvre Museum (Paris)

Why ‘Mona Lisa’ is so famous?

The reason for Mona Lisa’s  fame is her mischievous smile. Leonardo Da Vinci created  the painting in such a way that the eyes of the Mona Lisa fall into the center of vision of the user, while the lips fall into the peripheral vision.

It is believed that there were many mysteries hidden in this picture.

2. The Last Supper-(2nd famous painting)

The Last Supper
The last Supper ,painted by Leonardo da Vinci

The Last Supper  is a most famous Leonardo da Vinci’s creation . It depicts the Last Supper of Jesus and his disciples.

It is said that Jesus declared that one of them would betray him.

  • Painter : Leonardo da Vinci
  • Estimated date of creation : 1495 to 1498
  • Where to see it:Santa Maria delle Grazie (Milan, Italy)

Why ”The Last Supper’ is so famous?

It showes a famous scene from Holy Thursday, in which Jesus and his deciples sharing a final meal before his death . During the dinner, Jesus told that one of his disciples would betray him and hand him over to the authorities for execution (It was Judas, who da Vinci depicts as spilling salt on the table, as part of some Renaissance pun).

3. The Starry Night-( 3rd famous painting in history)

The starry Night,Famous Painting
The Starry Night was created by Vincent Van Gogh

This painting is one of the western world’s most famous paintings. It depicts the city of Saint-Remy under the swirling sun.

The painting was completed after Van Gogh’s mental breakdown, in which the artist had removed his own ear.

  • Painter : Vincent van Gogh
  • Date of creation :: 1889
  • Where to see it: Museum of Modern Art (New York City)

Why The Starry Night is so famous?

It is believed that the painting has so many secrets.

Physicists compared the turbulent play of light and dark in such works as “Starry Night” to the mathematical expression of turbulence in such natural occurrences as as whirlpools and air streams. He found they matched very closely. Van Gogh created these particular artworks during periods of extreme mental agitation and he was uniquely able to accurately communication that agitation using precise gradations of luminescence.

4. The Scream-(4th popular masterpiece)

The Scream,famous painting- painted by Edvard Munch in 1893
The Scream

It is considerd one of the world’s most famous paintings of all time. The painting depicts a frightened person screaming.

The painting was first stolen in1994 and again stolen in 2004 . It was missing for two years before finally being recovered in 2006.

  • Painter : Edvard Munch
  • Date of creation :: 1893
  • Where to see it:  National Museum (Oslo, Norway — opening in 2020) and Munch Museum (Oslo — through May 2020)

Why The Seream is so famous?

This Painting represents a key work for the Symbolist movement as well as an important inspiration for the Expressionist movement of the early twentieth century. Symbolist artists of diverse international backgrounds confronted questions regarding the nature of subjectivity and its visual depiction.

It was not simply a product of stress, or an uncharacteristic moment of panic. This Painting  symbolizes the darkly troubled times The Artist was experiencing as he dealt with mental illness and trauma, and his attempt to rationalize and explain his experience through what he knew best; painting.

The Scream sold at auction for $119.9 million, setting a record for highest auction price for a single art work .

5. The Girl With A Pearl Earring-(5th famous masterpiece)

The Girl With A Pearl Earring-Famous Painting in history
Image of The Girl With A Pearl Earring

This painting is a created by Johannes Vermeer. It is an is an oil painting.

It portrays a turbaned girl ,who was a maid of the artist with a pearl earring.

The young turbaned woman in a dark shallow space, an intimate setting that draws the viewer’s attention exclusively on her. The girl wore a blue and gold turban, the titular pearl earring, and a gold jacket with a visible white collar beneath.

  • Painter : Johannes Vermeer
  • Date of creation : 1665
  • Where to see it :  Mauritshuis museum in the The Hague,Netherlands.

Why ‘The Girl With A Pearl Earring’ is so famous?

The masterpiece is brilliant in its simplicity. The young girl wearing a blue and gold turban and an oversized pearl earring, is the entire focus with only a dark backdrop behind her.

This painting was sold at auction in 2003, getting $30.1 million dollars.

6. Guernica

Guernica ,the famous painting -created by Pablo Picasso
Guernica ,the famous painting -created by Pablo Picasso

Picasso’s most well-known Surrealist painting is “Guernica.”

The painting was oil on canvas  with shades of black, white, and gray. It was regarded as one of the greatest paintings of all time.

Painter: Pablo Picasso
Date: 1937,during the Spanish Civil War.
Where to see it: Museo Reina Sofía (Madrid)

Why Guernica is so famous?

It is an accurate depiction of a cruel, dramatic situation .Nazi German aerial  bombers attacked on the Basque town of Guernica on April 26 in 1937. After that Picasso  outraged his anger by his painting.

The painting remains one of the most moving and powerful anti-war paintings in history.

7. The Birth Of Venus

The Birth Of Venus
The Birth of Venus

The Birth of Venus describes the emergence of the goddess Venus from the sea.

This painting was probably commissioned by a member of the wealthy and art-loving Medici family, which ruled Florence and nearby areas for centuries.

Painter : Sandro Botticelli
Estimated date of creation : 1485–1486
Where to see it: Le Gallerie Degli Uffizi (Florence, Italy)

Why ‘The Birth of Venus’ is famous?

The Artist painted on canvas instead of the more popular wood. Nudity was rare that time so it was daring that Venus is completely exposed minus her long, flowing hair and a hand (barely) covering her most intimate body parts.

8. Creation of Adam

Creation of Adam
Creation of Adam

The artist covers a section of the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling by this painting . The painting depicts God and Adam with outstretched arms, their fingers nearly touching. This is one of the most replicated images in history.

Artist: Michelangelo Buonarroti
Estimated date of creation : 1508 to 1512
Where to see it: Sistine Chapel (Vatican City)

Why ‘Creation of Adam’ is so famous?

This Painting  is a famous religious moment in the teachings of Christianity which remains strong within Italy. ‘Creation of Adam’ captures the scene of God breathing life into Adam who was to become the 1st man and was later joined together with Eve who helped to start off the human race as we know it.

9. The Kiss

The kiss-famous painting in Art History
The kiss by Gustav Klimt

Inspite of the public outcry it generated, this painting sold before the painter had completely finished it. The Belvedere Museum of Vienna, Austria, purchased the painting.

The Upper Belvedere told  that with “The Kiss,” Gustav Klimt made a “general allegorical statement about love being at the heart of human existence.” Given its magnetic appeal, it seems people agree

Painter : Gustav Klimt
Estimated date of creation : 1907 to 1908
Where to see it: Upper Belvedere museum (Vienna, Austria)

10. The Persistence Of Memory

the persistence of memory
The persistence of memory

It is one of the Artist’s most famous paintings and  one of the most recognizable works of Surrealism.

This Painting depicts melting clock faces and is thought to have been inspired by the Theory of Relativity.

Painter : Salvador Dali
Date of creation : 1931
Where to see it: The Museum of Modern Art (since 1934)

Why The Persistence Of Memory is famous?

Salvador Dalí’s painting,The Persistence of Memory with its strange subject matter and dream-like atmosphere, became a well-known symbol of Surrealism. It was painted during the Dada-inspired movement.

The melting-clocks-masterpiece embodied the sensibilities that define the experimental and eccentric genre.

11. The Night Watch

The Night Watch,Famous painting

It is an oil painting, depicting the departure of a city led by its captain..

Painter : Rembrandt
Date of creation : 1642
Where to see it: Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

Why The Night Watch is famous?

The painting is famous for three things,

 1st– its colossal size (363 cm × 437 cm (11.91 ft × 14.34 ft)),

2nd–  the dramatic use of light and shadow (tenebrism) and

3rd– the perception of motion in what would have traditionally been a static military group portrait.

12. Bal du moulin de la Galette

Bal du moulin de la Galette- famous painting

The Artist, Auguste Renoir is particularly known for his outdoor depictions, with Bal du moulin de la Galette (“Dance at the Moulin de la Galette“) among his most celebrated pieces. 

It is an oil painting.

Painter :  Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Date of creation : 1876
Where to see it: Musée d’Orsay in Paris

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