Who is Hugues Ghenassia-de Ferran, the new number 2 of the French Institute?

Hugues Ghenassia-de Ferran (57) is the new deputy general director of the French Institute, whose executive presidency has been held by Eva Nguyen Binh since 2022. He succeeds Erol Ok, who held the position since 2020.

Hugues Ghenassia-de Ferran trained in modern literature at the Sorbonne Nouvelle before moving towards administration by joining the economic and financial section of Sciences Po then the National School of Administration (Romain Gary promotion, 2003- 2005).

He cut his teeth at the Ministry of Culture, first as deputy head of the public audiovisual office (2005-2006) then as head of office for the legal regime of the press and media services. the information society (2006-2008). He then served as master of requests at the Council of State before returning to the Ministry of Culture in 2010 as deputy director and deputy director in charge of books and reading. After six years in office, Hugues Ghenassia-de Ferran became deputy director of the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris, assisting for three years the composer Bruno Mantovani who was in charge of the institution at the time.

Since 2019, Hugues Ghenassia-de Ferran has served as deputy director of legal affairs at the Ministry of Culture. He left rue de Valois to join the French Institute, placed under the dual supervision of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture. The institution is responsible for promoting French culture and language around the world.

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