Personalities from the art world who died in 2023

DECEMBER 19, 2022. The philosopher of art Gilbert Lascault (88 years old), academic, writer, essayist, critic and pataphysicist.

DECEMBER 21. The painter of hyperrealistic canvases and Swiss engraver Franz Gertsch (92 years old). In 1972 he participated in Documenta 5.

DECEMBER 26. The American artist Dorothy Iannone (89 years old). The subject of his paintings was love in all its forms, from the romantic to the erotic and spiritual.

JANUARY 9, 2023. The French photographer and resistance fighter Adolfo Kaminsky (97 years old), nicknamed “the Paris Forger” for his production of false identity papers during the Second World War.

JANUARY 10. German art historian Hans Belting (87 years old), specialist in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, but also in contemporary history, anthropologist and epistemologist of art sciences.

JANUARY 14. The Italian artist Gianfranco Baruchello (99 years old), one of the main representatives of Italian conceptual art.

JANUARY 19. The historian Jean-Claude Lemagny (91 years old), first curator of contemporary photography at the BNF, where he headed the Department of Prints and Photography from 1968 to 1996.

JANUARY 24. The Indian architect Balkrishna Vithaldas Doshi (95 years old), pioneer of modernist architecture and fervent defender of dignified housing for the lower classes. He was the first Indian architect to win the Pritzker Prize for Architecture, in 2018.

JANUARY 24. The Swiss collector of contemporary art and design Thierry Barbier-Mueller (62 years old).

JANUARY 25. The British artist Norman Dilworth (92 years old), major figure of geometric abstraction.

FEBRUARY 3. The Franco-Spanish fashion designer and perfumer Paco Rabanne (88 years old).

FEBRUARY 26. The Estonian historian Pierre Apraxine (88 years old), specialist in 19th century photography.

MARCH 5. The Turin artist Piero Gilardi (81 years old), self-taught and cultural agitator, associated with Arte Povera in the 1960s. He placed ecology at the heart of his work very early on, with his famous “Nature Carpets”.

MARCH 9. The French urban architect Roland Castro (82 years old), tireless actor in the transformation of suburbs and large complexes. He designed the Saint-Denis Labor Exchange and the International Comic Strip City of Angoulême (Charente).

MARCH 13. The Neapolitan artist based in France Saverio Lucariello (64 years old). He practiced iconoclastic sculpture bordering on burlesque, a Rabelaisian tendency.

April 1st. The photograph Kwame Brathwaite (85 years old), who embodied the “Black is beautiful” movement.

APRIL 3. The Arlesian publisher Jean-Paul Capitani (78 years old), co-founder of Actes Sud editions, and husband of the former Minister of Culture Françoise Nyssen.

APRIL 5. The French artist Gérard Gosselin (90 years old), whose plastic vocabulary will evolve towards an almost gestural abstraction.

APRIL 14. The German-Italian visual artist Irma Blank (89 years old), who staged herself in actions and performances and whose practice called upon sight, hearing and touch. She participated in Documenta 6 (1977) in Cassel.

APRIL 14. The French artist Sylvie Fanchon (69 years old), with radical and rigorous painting. She was a professor at the Beaux-Arts in Paris from 2001 to 2019.

MAY 21ST. The Swiss artist Hannes Vogel (85 years old), pioneer of video art in the 1970s. He carried out a number of public commissions with his architect wife, Petruschka, on squares in Austria and Switzerland.

MAY 27. The Russian-American conceptual artist Ilya Kabakov (89), who with his wife, Emilia Kabakov, designed a number of “immersive” installations around the world that denounced Soviet totalitarianism while exploring its utopian nature. In 2014 they installed their Strange City under the nave of the Grand Palais as part of “Monumenta”.

MAY 30. The Italian architect Paolo Portoghesi (92 years old). He was the first director of the Venice Architecture Biennale, then its president until 1992.
German conceptual artist Hans-Peter Feldmann (82 years old), known for his production, from 1968, of books or multiples based on art images or photographs taken from popular culture brought together according to typologies that are both ordinary and comical.

JUNE 6. The French painter and writer Françoise Gilot (101 years old), ex-partner and muse of Picasso.

JULY 6. The Dutch painter Joop Sanders (101 years old), associated with abstract expressionism. An influential figure on the New York scene of the early 1950s, Sanders spent the rest of the decade in Europe.

JULY 15TH. French photographer and journalist Marie-Laure Decker (75 years old), who covered the various wars of the second half of the 20th century.

5 AUGUST. The French historian Hélène Carrère d’Encausse (94 years old), specialist in Tsarist Russia and the Soviet Union. She was the first woman elected “perpetual secretary” of the French Academy in 1999.

AUGUST 7. The French architectural historian Jean-Louis Cohen (74 years old), holder of a chair of architectural history at New York University.

AUGUST 9. The American artist Brice Marden (84 years old), who developed a painting that is at once geometric, minimalist and sensitive, testifying to a contemplative look at the landscape and an interest in oriental calligraphy.

AUGUST 15TH. The French artist Patrick Saytour (87 years old), who made shift and diversion the principles of his work. Also a figure in the Supports/Surfaces movement in the early 1970s.

AUGUST 19. The general Jean-Louis Georgelin (74 years old), who was chief of staff and chaired the public establishment responsible for the conservation and restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, after the fire which ravaged it.

20 AUGUST. The very media auctioneer Pierre Cornette de Saint Cyr (84 years old), who popularized auctions in the 1980s with his flamboyance and his intuitions.

AUGUST 24. Claude Ruiz-Picasso (76 years old), son of Pablo Picasso and Françoise Gilot. He was the administrator of his father’s estate for forty-four years.

AUGUST 31. The Iraqi-German sculptor Lin May Saeed (50 years old), who devoted his life and his art to the defense of animals.

SEPTEMBER 14. Antoni Vila Casas (92 years old), patron of the Catalan scene. He created the Vila Casas Foundation, which manages several museums and contemporary art centers in Spain.

SEPTEMBER 15. The Colombian artist Fernando Botero (91 years old), who imposed his figurative style all in disproportion and play on volume, “boterism”. He is renowned for his round and voluptuous characters inspired by pre-Columbian art.

SEPTEMBER 20. The Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf (64 years old), which addressed themes such as identity, gender, beauty and death, with images of careful aesthetics and an ambiguous atmosphere.

OCTOBER 9. The Florentine architect and designer Andrea Branzi (84 years old). A member of the avant-garde group Archizoom Associati, he co-founded the Domus Academy (Milan), the first international university design school.

OCTOBER 14. The Korean artist Park Seo-Bo (91 years old), leading figure of the Dansaekhwa movement. He had a notable influence on the teaching of painting and the administration of art studies in Korea.

OCTOBER 18. The French artist Marinette Cueco (89 years old), whose work dialogued with nature. She used natural elements such as grasses, lianas or branches to create woven, knotted or braided works.

OCTOBER 22. The New York painter and designer Ida Applebroog (93 years old), major figure in American feminist art, who explored violence, politics and gender identities in her work. She participated in Documenta 8 and 13 in Cassel.

OCTOBER 25. The American artist Robert Irwin (95 years old), pioneer of the Californian Light and Space movement. He is famous for his minimalist light installations and his work on the perception of space.

OCTOBER 30. The French antique dealer John Lupu (93 years old), one of the greatest specialists in 18th century furniture.

NOVEMBER 5. The German Harald Falckenberg (80 years old), who built up one of the most important private collections of modern and contemporary art in Germany.

NOVEMBER 9. The sculptor Joe Tilson (95 years old), follower of British pop art before creating mysterious and symbolic works.

NOVEMBER 24. The African and Oceanian art dealer Hélène Leloup (96 years old).

NOVEMBER 29. The Franco-American photojournalist Elliott Erwitt (95 years old), who immortalized many pages of American history, also famous for his crazy photos of dogs. He was an emblematic figure of the Magnum agency.
The critic and curator Vincent Honore (48 years old), director of exhibitions since 2019 at Mo.Co in Montpellier, where he recently presented “Museums in Exile”, “Ana Mendieta” and “Huma Bahbah”.

DECEMBER 3. The Swiss patron Leonard Gianadda (88 years old), who created the Pierre Gianadda Foundation in Martigny (Switzerland), named after his deceased brother.

DECEMBER 7. The Franco-Romanian artist Vera Molnár (99 years old), part of the movement of Concrete Art. Co-founder, in 1961, of the Visual Art Group (Grav), she was a pioneer in art resulting from a computer program.

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