Italians will rebuild the Transfiguration Cathedral in Odessa

Unesco has recorded damage inflicted by the Russian army on more than 270 cultural sites including the Cathedral of the Transfiguration in the heart of Odessa. It suffered severe bombardments on July 23. Inaugurated in 1794, the cathedral was razed in 1936 by the Soviets before being rebuilt in 2003.

A delegation led by Antonio Tajani, vice-president of the council and minister of foreign affairs, went there on 7 September. It was notably made up of the architect Stefano Boeri, president of the Milan Triennale, Alessandro Giuli, president of the MAXXI museum in Rome, and Chiara Dezzi Bardeschi, Unesco director for Ukraine. They carried out an initial inventory with the announcement of digital surveys to precisely establish the characteristics of the damage suffered and the budget necessary for its restoration. “Odessa has a strong transalpine cultural imprint and is part of our identityrecalled Antonio Tajani, because the architects and town planners who drew up its plans were Italian. »

Once the restoration work on the cathedral has been completed, 52 buildings of great heritage value damaged by the Russian bombardments will be taken care of by Italian restorers. Three forums on reconstruction will be organized, the first in Milan on October 31 then at MAXXI in Rome and finally in kyiv. The Meloni government, with MIBAC in the forefront, intends to make 45 million euros available over the next three years and to establish real cultural sponsorship with Odessa. “The cathedral will be rebuiltpromises Stefano Boeri, but it is more than a building it is a symbol. Signs of the injuries inflicted on him should be left visible. » Work is expected to begin by the end of the year.

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