The Kerguéhennec estate closed for more than 3 years

The Kerguéhennec estate, which houses the art center of the same name in Morbihan, is launching a major renovation and enhancement project for its heritage. This work requires the closure of the castle and its outbuildings from January 8, 2024, while the park and natural spaces will remain accessible to the public.

Owned by the Morbihan department since 1972, the Kerguéhennec estate includes fourteen buildings and an agricultural area of ​​175 hectares. At the heart of the site stands an 18th century castle, classified as a Historic Monument since 1988. The building houses a recognized contemporary art center. The estate is supported by the Ministry of Culture (DRAC Bretagne) and by the Brittany Region but is not labeled a contemporary art center of national interest.

Initially estimated at 2.8 million euros, the costs of the work have doubled. This increase is partly due to the recent appearance of dry rot, fungi that attack wood. As the deterioration of the frames of the castle and the chapel requires rapid attention, a new work program has been proposed and now amounts to 5.6 million euros. Approved by the elected officials of Center Morbihan Community (CMC) in October 2023, the project plans not only a restoration but also an optimization and revaluation of the fourteen buildings on the estate. David Lappartient, president of the Morbihan departmental council, declares that he wants “carry a vision and an ambition for Kerguéhennec, restore luster to the Morbihan Palace of Versailles”.

To restore the estate to its former glory, it is planned to reintroduce several period elements: the campanile – removed in the 1980s – will be rebuilt identically at the top of the castle, and the old bell tower of the chapel will be reinstalled. The Morbihan department is also trying to find the original historical furniture of the castle (sold at auction), as well as the works contained in the library. 900,000 euros are being spent on the restoration of the historic chapel and the central pool, which will feature a new springing fountain. The attic of the castle, currently unoccupied, will be converted and the west common (current storage area) transformed into a new exhibition room.

One million euros is dedicated to the revaluation of the vegetable garden and the historic orchard, as well as the creation of new walking and hiking trails, fun areas for families and a belvedere to enjoy a view on the domain. The sculpture park is preparing to host two monumental works created by recognized French artists: Xavier Veilhan and Daniel Buren. Around forty works were already scattered throughout the area, specially designed to fit into the site. Among them, there are sculptures by Giuseppe Penone, Richard Long, Toni Grand and Marina Abramovic.

To welcome the public – nearly 80,000 visitors per year – in better conditions, a reception pavilion and a new catering area will be set up. A budget of 1.3 million euros is also earmarked for expanding the car park. While the exhibition spaces are closed, projects ” outside the walls “ will be offered to schools to continue the mediation work with students. The complete reopening of the area is planned for spring 2027.

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