More than a million euros collected in crowdfunding for a future video game museum

The “Odyssey” project clearly resonated. The crowdfunding campaign launched on September 20, 2023 was able to raise 1.2 million euros on KissKissBankBank for the first French video game museum, planned for 2026 in Boissy-Saint-Georges in Seine-et- Marl.

YouTuber Tev – Ici Japon (Benoît Theveny), who brings together a community of one million subscribers, has joined forces for this major project with Ludovic Charles, an experienced collector in possession of 2,200 games and consoles. Having initially set a first level at 50,000 euros, the organizers raised the bar after the public’s enthusiasm.

The museum would be located at the Pôle emploi located at the entrance to Boissy-Saint-Georges, on the edge of the A4 motorway, in a space of 3,500 m² to 7,000 m². Helped by a team of specialists, the videographer promises an immersive as well as interactive experience. The place will bring together “the largest collection of consoles in the world” whose history will be retraced. Its designers naturally also wanted to infuse it with a fun aspect with an arcade room, shops, a restaurant, as well as a room open to conferences, seminars and eSport tournaments. A part will be devoted to the world of Japan, gastronomy and mini-village included.

Crowdfunding allows applicants to facilitate their financing, while also communicating with an audience. Many sites have emerged such as Tipeee (dedicated to content creators), Patreon, GoFundMe, Ulule, Commeon… The KissKissBankBank platform contributes to the realization of numerous cultural projects: films, documentaries, albums and music videos, festivals, plays theaters, books or podcasts.

Aware of the popularity of this type of action, museums are increasingly inclined to use them. In 2016, the Army Museum raised 15,000 euros from Ulule for the restoration of the sculpture of Napoleon I’s horse (“Vizir”) near his tomb in Les Invalides. “Tev” wanted to thank his community through a YouTube video and his KissKissBankBank page.

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