Eike Schmidt candidate for mayor of Florence

Eike Schmidt will not have had time to unpack her bags in Naples. Barely appointed director of the Capodimonte Museum, the former director of the Uffizi for eight years is preparing to return to Florence. But this time to hope to become mayor by leading a list supported by the party of Giorgia Meloni Fratelli d’Italia. The German art historian was naturalized Italian last November. A first indication at the time of his desire to descend into the political arena. “No comment” he then replied to those who questioned him about his real intentions before criticizing the management of the city by its current councilor Dario Nardella. The formalization of his candidacy should take place by April 6, the date of the start of the campaign for the elections which will take place on June 8 and 9.

The Florentine right was looking for a prestigious name to conquer the traditionally left-wing capital of Tuscany. She wants to rely on the popularity of Eike Schmidt, the most publicized director of the most important Italian museum. Recent favorable polls and the deep division of the left-wing coalition ended up convincing him, as did the support of Culture Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano. Above all, he can already count on the support of the three main right-wing parties (Fratelli d’Italia, Forza Italia and the League) but above all on that, likely in the event of a runoff, of the former president of the council and former mayor of Florence Matteo Renzi, of whom he is a personal friend.

The populist M5S party shows plans to oppose a Florentine art historian who is no less media-oriented and often controversial, Tomaso Montanari. The Democratic Party has so far nominated Sara Funari, a member of the outgoing municipal team who has already attacked her future rival. “In municipal museums we apply the minimum wage for workers, which is not yet the case at the Uffizishe said. In the meantime, I’ll give Eike Schmidt a map of the city so he can start to get to know the suburbs.”

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