Norway, soon a museum dedicated to Nordic art

In Southern Norway, in the seaside resort of Kristiansand (93,000 inhabitants), the Kunstsilo will open its doors on May 11, 2024. Housed in a former grain silo, completely restored and modernized, the museum has around 3,300 m² of surface area. exhibition. This substantial space allows it to accommodate and showcase a rich collection of modern and contemporary art, made up of more than 7,500 works.

Started in 2019, the construction of the Kunstsilo follows the decision to close the Sørlandets Kunstmuseum (SKMU) in order to provide larger space to accommodate new works. The museum will still be directed by Reidar Fuglestad, director of the SKMU since 2017. Created in 1995 by the City of Kristiansand, the SKMU has built up a collection of around 1,700 works, particularly highlighting Nordic art and crafts. 19th and 20th centuries. Located in the former Kristiansand Cathedral School building, the museum housed several paintings by renowned Norwegian painters such as Edvard Munch, Amaldus Nielsen and Johan Christian Dahl. This ensemble was completed by the long-term storage of the Christianssands Billedgalleri, the city’s first art collection, created in 1902 following a donation from the actor couple Sigvard and Laura Gundersen.

The heart of the “new” museum’s collection, however, comes from the large donation made to his hometown in 2015 by Nicolai Tangen, owner of Norges Bank Investment Management. The Kunstsilo now houses what is considered to be the largest collection of Nordic modern art in the world, bringing together more than 5,000 works created between 1910 and 1990. Paintings, sculptures, ceramics, photographs but also textile, craft and art works conceptual will be in the spotlight.

Member of the Kunstsilo board of directors, Nicolai Tangen does not hide his satisfaction: “Exhibiting the Tangen Collection in Kristiansand has long been a dream of mine and the Kunstsilo is a venue like no other. With its impressive architecture, ocean views and take on Nordic modern art, Kunstsilo is set to change the game.”

The inaugural exhibition will of course be devoted to a journey through 20th century Nordic art from the angle of the impact of societal transformations on creation.

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